First Blog Post… Ever.

This is my first blog post… ever.  I’ve been trying to think about what kind of deep material I can write about.  What brilliant things I can say that everyone will want to read about.  I’m not going to lie, it has caused me a bit of stress.  When this opportunity popped up in one of my emails a few weeks ago, I immediately said yes…  Add another thing to my plate…  This won’t be too bad…  I can do this too…

Today I am beginning classes to start to my ELL endorsement.  Today I am also finishing up and 8 week boot camp fitness class and I am starting another 8 week class next week.  I recently signed up to run the Chicago marathon and to raise money for a charity that is close to my heart.  I am a teacher.  Did I mention that I am also the mom of three?  Just another thing on my plate…  It won’t be too bad… I can do this too…

I truly believe that I feel more comfortable juggling all of these things around, but am I doing my best at any or them?  I love a challenge, I love a little competition, I love to see what I have accomplished.  I often wonder if anyone out there feels that same way.  More to do is more comfortable than less?  I want to say “we’ll see if I make it though this month…”  But I will because that is what I do.

Just another thing on my plate… It won’t be too bad…  I can do this too…

14 thoughts on “First Blog Post… Ever.

  1. Cassie, I clicked on your site because I’m in the airport on my way to Tucson and saw your cactus 🙂 What a way to start your first post. It’s full of hopes and dreams, with a spoonful of reality tossed in for good measure. I’m looking forward to reading you this month! You’ve got this!


  2. Welcome and I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how writing every day will help bring all of those things together! Topics will come as you start seeing things through your writer’s eyes. For example, I see a story in your blog title with a picture of a cactus…


  3. You crack me up! I love the name, mostly because of how honest you are. It is crazy how much you are balancing right now. I give you a lot of you know what, but I am impressed with you being able to handle all this and still be the mom that you are.


  4. You CAN do this, Cassie, but wowzer you do have a lot on your plate! I do know exactly what you mean… I always feel more comfortable when I’m balancing many things like that. What I’m trying to do is get used to silence, to slowness, and to not being busy. I’ll let you know how that goes… 🙂

    This was a great first blog post! I can’t wait to read your stories this month.


  5. Yessss! Good for you! Dana just told me about a book that was called “Present, not Perfect” I think… ask her about it. The idea of it makes me want to take things OFF my plate. But yes, you can do it!


  6. This is my first time with the month-long version of slicing. I, too, am thinking that it’s a little bit crazy to be trying this when there are lots of other big things happening this month, but I’m going to give it a shot. I like the “add another thing to my plate” line. It’s sort of a “what me, worry?” line, and I suppose that’s an attitude that can get us through a lot of challenges.


  7. Your first blog post was lovely…authentic and honest. I think we’ve all had those questions! It sounds like you have a LOT on your plate, but I think you’ll find the community of writers here at SOL helps make it worth the ride. We have some things in common–I have my ELL endorsement and I once trained for the Chicago marathon. I got injured and never was able to make it, but still I understand the challenge! Happy slicing and WELCOME!!!


  8. Yay, I am glad we are on this writing journey together! I too thought this wouldn’t be a big deal, because as you said, “What’s one more thing added to the plate?” And why do we feel the need to always do one more thing? But hey, we have each other, and many others, to cheer one another on through this first time blog voyage.


  9. You are a ***ROCK STAR***
    I am in awe of all the “things” you can manage to fit in, all while juggling the needs of 3 little ones. You are an amazing mama, and I had to Google the book: “Present Over Perfect”. I would love to bow out of more commitments, but then we wouldn’t be the people we are without all of that multitasking, would we?


  10. Welcome to Slicing! I have been doing this for several years now and I still find myself nervous about what to write about as March creeps around! You have inspiration all around and I am excited to see what this month brings for you! It is a challenge, but one of the most professionally rewarding ones I have ever taken part of!


  11. Sometimes organized chaos helps us stay focused, you REALLY must be focused. You have so many great things on your plate, way to go Cassie! (Mayve someday I will join you in the marathon!)


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