Teaching Partners.

This is my 13th year teaching at the school I am at.  Over those thirteen years I have had several teaching partners.  One of my first teaching partners became one of my very best friends, the matron of honor in my wedding.  She was the best partner to work with.

Another one of my partners taught with me when I was going through the very worst time of my life and was the most understanding and caring partner.  She was the best partner to work with.

I’ve been teaching with my current partner for 5 years (give or take).  Our boys went to the sitter for many years which makes an awesome bond between them.  She gets me and I get her.  If one of use is running late, we open up their classroom and turn on their PC- it’s the little things.  It is such an awesome feeling to know that the person you work with understands you and has your back.  She is the best partner to work with.

Basically, this post is truly about being so grateful for everyone I’ve had the opportunity to work with.  They have always been team players.  We have always supported each other.  We share things- from plans, to recipes, to personal stories.  This is just one of the many reasons why I love working where I do.

Tonight I am feeling grateful for all of the people I work with.

4 thoughts on “Teaching Partners.

  1. I too have taught with several teaching partners and each had something special to offer and left an imprint on me as a teacher and friend. It is the little things and as I finish my final year of teaching, I am thankful for them all! Thank you for helping me to reflect on each of them!


  2. They have been great partners because you give them the best part of you each day too. Our school is amazing because of all the love, care, and support we bring and give to everyone!


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