My new book.

Yesterday while my kids were napping, I caught a few minutes of an interview.  The man being interviewed was an author talking about his first book that just recently came out.  As he spoke about the book he talked about how he wanted to give several times throughout the writing process.  He put the book aside and wouldn’t touch it for awhile and then he’d go back to it.  It became and instant #1 New York Times best seller.

At the end of the interview he asked for just a moment to share an important message.  He said that no matter what you do from writing to playing sports- don’t ever give up.  He spread a great message of perseverance which is something I strive for- not only for myself but for my own children as well as my students.

I can’t remember the last time I read a book- that is read a book just for myself.  I read to my children and to my students.  I read for professional development and I read for classes.  I read several blog posts each night…

I just got home from Barnes and Noble and have my new book sitting on the counter next to me and I can’t wait to begin reading it.

3 thoughts on “My new book.

  1. What;s the book? What’s it about? Because I read so much to my students (my own kids, not so much anymore) and for professional development I prefer beachy reads for enjoyment. Nothing too sad too difficult to catch up after putting it down for a few weeks.


  2. I think this message of perseverance is echoed all around the world and is just so important, however often we hear it. I read a lot now as my kids are adults, I never read a single book that I remember for myself while they were at home. One day you’ll read again!!


  3. I can totally relate to doing a lot of reading all day long, but these are often things I do for a purpose other than enjoying a good book. I hope you make time to finish the book over break and get inspired to read more for you. Just think… soon your endorsement will
    be done and your SOL challenge!


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