Wednesday of Spring Break.

Today I am feeling exhausted.  My kids are exhausting.  I love them.  They have been exceptionally well behaved for most of the time this week while we’ve been home.

But let’s be honest…  taking care of three kids is no joke.  The meals, the snacks (seriously my kids are ALWAYS eating), the questions, the potty breaks, the cleaning up…  It just never ends until they go to bed and at 4:30 bedtime seems too far away.

I am loving being home this week but today seemed especially draining.  I am going to bed early tonight to get geared up for a great Thursday with my kids.  But tonight I am done and my bed is calling…

3 thoughts on “Wednesday of Spring Break.

  1. I am feeling the exhaustion too! I told my kids they cannot eat every hour! Seriously, I have wiped the kitchen table, counters, and island at least 5 times today! Since I spent the day on Tuesday cleaning the main floor of the house I told the kids I am trying to keep it clean . . . but that is truly exhausting!

    Hope tomorrow is a bit calmer . . and they are not so hungry!


  2. I remember those days….They’re not easy! Why is it that kids always need to be eating something…and not all at the same time? Some days it’s like there’s a revolving door in the kitchen. I hope tomorrow is more calm for you. 🙂 ~JudyK


  3. I feel you. Only two over here, but I’m starting to wonder how I do this all summer long. And do I WANT to do this all summer long 😳?!
    I am so tired of washing bibs and cleaning the kitchen.
    But I love them. Dearly.


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