Movie Night

Tonight I went to see Captain Marvel with my oldest son.  We were debating on a few different things to do tonight but the final decision was this.

As I sat in the movie I started thinking about how I even learned about the Avengers.  When my oldest was younger he got into superheros and I knew nothing about them- at all.  I clearly had to learn because my son had so many questions about them and so read tons of books about them.

Learning about the Avengers made this movie so enjoyable.  It made me appreciate all the time we spent together when he was so little and the time we were spending together tonight.

Side note- This is such a great movie with a bad a** female super hero.  YES!

5 thoughts on “Movie Night

  1. One on one time is so special! I am glad you got that today. Isn’t it amazing how fast time flies? I am sure it seems like yesterday you were reading up on these superheroes and now you are with your grown up boy seeing another movie about those same superheroes!


  2. I never thought Benton would get into super heroes. I was wrong, as just like you, I didn’t know much besides the old movies we grew up with. It is pretty cool watching how excited they get about these now. And he called me Superman. Now we are talking.


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