If you would have asked 20 year old me where I’d be when I was 37, it wouldn’t be here.  If you would have asked me what I’d be doing, it wouldn’t be this.

I had no clue as a 20 year old where life would take me- or wouldn’t take me.  Who I would meet, or wouldn’t.  What opportunities I would have and take or not.

What I know now is that it is far better than I could have imagined.  I am in a place that I couldn’t have imagined with people I didn’t know existed.  From my personal life to my professional life I feel all round lucky.

Birthdays are not about getting older, they are about getting better and 37 is looking pretty good.

5 thoughts on “37

  1. Happy 37th birthday to you! 🎈It is lovely that you could celebrate on a Saturday. I often think it should be an unwritten rule that you should be off on your birthday so you may celebrate with your family and friends. You’re a lucky gal!


  2. Birthdays are a reminder of how amazing you are and how hard you have worked (either little by little or all at once) to get to where you are. BE PROUD! I love you my friend! Lots of HUGS to you.


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