Another year.

I absolutely love looking back and reading my posts from a year ago.  I am reminded of moments from last year that I might not have remembered if I wouldn’t have blogged about them.

When I realized it was March 1st, I looked at my husband and groaned that I didn’t feel like I had anything worth posting.  His response was that I had a TON of things to right about- he actually said “write about the flu…” as I am just getting over the flu but that didn’t seem like the right topic to start with…

I started thinking about all the things that have happened from March 2019- March 2020.  There is A LOT!  From two kids in preschool, a middle schooler,  races and PRs,  to a new niece and big moves- there is SO much.

I have now changed my perspective and I am looking forward to writing about all the things that I don’t want to forget so that  I can read them again next year.

Cheers to another year!

And a BIG thank you to Mark for reminding me at 10:30 this morning to do this.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Another year.

  1. I also LOVED reading back at what I have written the past few years. 100% my motivation for doing it again and writing things that will be worth re-reading.


  2. Ha ha! You are off to a good start! Just 29 more times you have to include me in your writing. It is funny how quickly we say we have nothing to write about, and then all of a sudden ideas are pouring out of us. I am looking forward to some fun stories!!


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