My Planner

Today I finally picked up my school bag that has been sitting on my bedroom floor since last Friday.  I pulled out my planner and opened it to March.  I grabbed my pen and began crossing off all of the days since I last opened it and then I started crossing off all of the things that I had planned that will not be happening.

Date night.

Half marathon.

Dance Class.

Soccer Practice.

Birthday Dinner.

Shedd Aquarium.



Violet’s 4th Birthday Party– this one got to me the most…

Time to get creative on how to celebrate my sweet girl turning 4 without leaving our home.  She may never remember it but I will never forget it.

I cannot wait to add some events to my planner without crossing them out.

One thought on “My Planner

  1. You can do the birthday party for Violet with you while you do mani/pedis. That crosses two things off your list. You just have to create your own ways to cross these off your list. We will talk about number one later.


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