Sunday RUNday

Sundays for the past year have meant long run days.  I joined a running club about a year ago- which was totally out of my comfort zone.  My first run with the club I ran with some people that were getting close to completing running a marathon in each of the 50 states…  To say I was intimidated was an understatement.

As I continued to show up I found my pace group.  Sometimes I just show up because I know that they will be there.  We talk… sometimes for hours on our runs.  We support each other and we genuinely enjoy each other’s company.

Yesterday I got a text asking about running together.  Some were still getting together.  My household is taking this social distancing very seriously.  I had to say that I was out this Sunday but I hope to see them all very soon.

When I woke up this morning it was so hard to tie up my laces and get out into the brisk morning air knowing that I wasn’t meeting up with anyone.  I decided to run a different route in hopes that new scenery would keep me entertained.  It didn’t.  And then my watch died (which while on a run really stinks!)…

No one to share stories with or listen to.  No one to ask “this way or that?”  No one.  I really missed my running club today and I will never take for granted each mile I get to share with them in the future.  I will continue my Sunday RUNdays, even if its alone, so that I can keep up when we can all run together again.

2 thoughts on “Sunday RUNday

  1. That is what definitely makes running hard for me. The boredom. I don’t have enough thoughts in my head to keep me entertained, so then I start thinking about actually running, and I lose it. I hope that this ends soon so you are able to get back out there with your group! Or just wear a hazmat suit while you run. That could be another challenge.


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