Staying Home.

How “ready” do you get when you are just staying home?  I had a Zoom meeting that made me question this.  Some people had hair tied back and no make up on while others had curled hair and lots of make up on.

I wake up every morning and get into my workout gear because I know I will workout at some point in the day.  After my workout I will shower and then usually put on normal clothes.  I pull my hair back and I put zero make up on.  Seems to make sense in my mind.  Not going anywhere= no need to get totally ready.

I was under the impression that everyone felt this way but I guess I was wrong.  I may need to rethink getting ready for my next Zoom meeting… or not.

4 thoughts on “Staying Home.

  1. If you figure it out, let me know! I have had several Zoom meetings the last couple of days and been asking myself the same questions. How dressed up should I be? Do I need to put on makeup? What about earrings? Today I saw everything from pajamas to fully dressed for a regular work day.


  2. I have decided that I will shower for my Zoom meetings with adults! So today, no shower needed, but tomorrow I will start the day showered so I don’t run out of time! Clothes-wise . . . you can never go wrong with a turtleneck!!!


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