Something Happening Here.

Today my 12 year old ran about 2.5 miles with  me.  Towards the end of our run we started talking about Lincoln- his 5 year old brother.  These two fight more than I ever dreamed they would.  Lincoln is constantly challenging his older brother and wants to do and have EVERYTHING the same.  I have to constantly remind my 12 year old that Lincoln is 5 and sometimes you just need to walk away and stop arguing.

So at the end of our run when the topic of Lincoln came up he said “Gosh, I really love that kid!”  This, of course, made my momma heart so happy.  I said “me too.”

It has really occurred to me over the past few days that something is happening here.  All of this time together with nowhere to go and nothing else to do but be together, it really is doing something good for my family.  It such a dark time, I see the light in my own family.  I don’t want it to last for long but I will always keep this in mind moving forward in this life.

5 thoughts on “Something Happening Here.

  1. This is a perfect slice to capture some of the positive effects of the quarantine. I also love that he’s running with you!


  2. Aww! This post made my heart melt. Love it! I also love that he is running WITH you. What a great way to spend time together. Since we have been home, I have never seen Michael want to play with Isaac. Isaac is also copying everything Michael is doing and saying and Michael loves the extra unneeded attention.


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