Last One.

It’s just about 1pm and my little ones just went down for a nap.  I am so anxious to finish my last blog for SOL so I’m doing it right now!

Another year, another challenge completed.  It feels good to be done but I will miss reading some blog posts of friends and strangers alike.  You learn more than you’d think from your peers.

There were days when I thought that there’d be nothing at all to write about but- just like I tell my students- there really is always something.  Sometimes the hardest part is just starting.

Last day of the challenge.  Last day of March.  Looking forward to April with more sunshine and memories to make.

Until next year…


If you would have asked 20 year old me where I’d be when I was 37, it wouldn’t be here.  If you would have asked me what I’d be doing, it wouldn’t be this.

I had no clue as a 20 year old where life would take me- or wouldn’t take me.  Who I would meet, or wouldn’t.  What opportunities I would have and take or not.

What I know now is that it is far better than I could have imagined.  I am in a place that I couldn’t have imagined with people I didn’t know existed.  From my personal life to my professional life I feel all round lucky.

Birthdays are not about getting older, they are about getting better and 37 is looking pretty good.


The last week day of spring break always makes me a little bit sad.  How did the week go by so quickly?

This year is the first year having all of my three kids that I feel like we actually did something- without actually going anywhere.  As my kids get older it truly is getting easier to get out and about.

I’ve had such a good week with them- even if they eat ALL the time and occasionally fight with each other.  I’ve had so many good moments that it outweighs the difficult ones (it hasn’t always been like this!).

Next week will be different but I know summer will be just around the corner.

Movie Night

Tonight I went to see Captain Marvel with my oldest son.  We were debating on a few different things to do tonight but the final decision was this.

As I sat in the movie I started thinking about how I even learned about the Avengers.  When my oldest was younger he got into superheros and I knew nothing about them- at all.  I clearly had to learn because my son had so many questions about them and so read tons of books about them.

Learning about the Avengers made this movie so enjoyable.  It made me appreciate all the time we spent together when he was so little and the time we were spending together tonight.

Side note- This is such a great movie with a bad a** female super hero.  YES!

Wednesday of Spring Break.

Today I am feeling exhausted.  My kids are exhausting.  I love them.  They have been exceptionally well behaved for most of the time this week while we’ve been home.

But let’s be honest…  taking care of three kids is no joke.  The meals, the snacks (seriously my kids are ALWAYS eating), the questions, the potty breaks, the cleaning up…  It just never ends until they go to bed and at 4:30 bedtime seems too far away.

I am loving being home this week but today seemed especially draining.  I am going to bed early tonight to get geared up for a great Thursday with my kids.  But tonight I am done and my bed is calling…

My new book.

Yesterday while my kids were napping, I caught a few minutes of an interview.  The man being interviewed was an author talking about his first book that just recently came out.  As he spoke about the book he talked about how he wanted to give several times throughout the writing process.  He put the book aside and wouldn’t touch it for awhile and then he’d go back to it.  It became and instant #1 New York Times best seller.

At the end of the interview he asked for just a moment to share an important message.  He said that no matter what you do from writing to playing sports- don’t ever give up.  He spread a great message of perseverance which is something I strive for- not only for myself but for my own children as well as my students.

I can’t remember the last time I read a book- that is read a book just for myself.  I read to my children and to my students.  I read for professional development and I read for classes.  I read several blog posts each night…

I just got home from Barnes and Noble and have my new book sitting on the counter next to me and I can’t wait to begin reading it.

1st Day of Break.

Today was the first official day of spring break in my house.  I didn’t have much planned and I knew it was going to be chilly so we decided to stay home for the day.  I was nervous because in the past, staying at home meant destroying home and driving me nuts.

But today was different.  I started the day by NOT asking my kids what the wanted for breakfast and just making them something.  They all ate without complaint.  As I cleaned up my kids played- without fighting!

Then I cleaned a bathroom while my kids played- again without fighting!  It was time for a snack and a quick show on the couch.  My little guy wanted to play outside so he went out on the deck and quietly played with his trucks.  My sweet girl was pretending to give all of her dolls a check up with her stethoscope around her neck.

Before I knew it, it was lunch time.  I decided to stick with the “I’ll just make something without asking” deal and it worked again…  and this time I gave them their lunch on top of a paper towel (easiest clean up with no dishes!).

After lunch it was a quick game and then nap time.  When they woke up a bit earlier then anticipated I had them lay in bed together quietly for 20 minutes.  It worked!

After nap we packed up and went over to grandma’s house for their first sleepover there.  I already miss them.

Today seemed too easy.  We will see what tomorrow has in store!