The End.

I’ve come to the end of this challenge!  I really didn’t know what to expect 31 days ago but I am pleasantly surprised.  I wasn’t sure I’d be able to come up with 31 things to write about but I realized that it was all right in front of me the whole time, I just needed to listen and notice.  I could write for another 31 days.

It feels great to complete something successfully.  I love looking back at what I’ve written.  Without writing some of these stories down I would have surely forgotten them already.  I love that I got to learn more about my co-workers/friends through this.

I will gladly accept this challenge again next year and I am actually looking forward to it.

Until then…


36 Years.

Sometimes I wonder what I’ve done in 36 years.  Have I done enough?  Should I have done more?  What more do I still want to do?

Today I look back at my 36 years and the one word I can sum it all up in is grateful.  I am so very grateful.  I have such a wonderful family that is just perfect for me.  I have a career that fits me to a T.  I have friends that I could never be the same without.  Mid thirties have really shifted my mindset to what is truly important to me.   All of the things that I am grateful for are what I need to make me the best version of myself, to make me who I am and want to be.

I am looking forward to making every year after 36 better than the last.

The Best Egg Hunt.

Today my best friend hosted the best egg hunt.  There were  7 total children ranging from 13 to 1.  Each child had an Easter bag with their name on it.  Each child had 12 eggs.  Each child had their own color of egg including two eggs that were their color but metallic looking.  Each egg contained items that were specific to them.  For example my daughter had an egg with a cute bunny hair clip in it.  One egg contained money!  One egg also held a card that had a die cut 1 or 2 on it.  The kids brought out their cards and were able to pick a prize off of the table.  A number 1 meant a chocolate bunny and a number 2 meant a stuffed animal.  Both of my little ones hate chocolate (what!) so she made sure they both had a number 2.

The thought and care that was put into this egg hunt blows me away but it explains my best friend to a t.  It was an egg hunt where everyone was happy, everyone was smiling, and I was feeling so grateful.

I’ve already told her that on Monday I will be out and about looking for those Easter deals to help supply for next year.  I cannot wait to do this again and for many more years to come.

Night Running.

For the past 6 months I’ve been doing most of my evening running on my treadmill.  It is honestly the worst.  It is so hard to find a good groove on the treadmill.  It feels like my runs take 3 times as long.  And I consistently get shocked when I touch the screen…

Tonight, although it was chilly and getting dark I decided to get outside.  I’m not a huge fan of running at night but living on a main street gives me some confidence as it is well-lit and there are a lot of people around.

It felt amazing.  My run seemed to fly by as I was constantly distracted by everything that was in my sight.  Treadmill running maybe put on the back burner until next winter or maybe forever…  Or until it rains.

Missing Mom.

Today I realized that no matter where I am or who I am with someone is always missing mom (me).

I went to the movies with my oldest because we are on break and my mom was available to watch the little ones.  It is hard to get out and do things just the two of us.  While I was gone my little ones missed me.  When I got home I began to engage with my little ones and at that point my oldest was missing me.  We can all be together in the same room at the same time and whoever has my attention at the moment is the lucky one that is not missing me.

I knew being a mom was hard but this has brought it to a new level.  There is only one of me and sometimes I feel like their smallness is just evaporating right in front of me.  I want them to know that I am here for each of them in so many different ways at the same time.

Day one of spring break and I was missed.  Tomorrow is a new day to try something new.  Divide my attention differently and be there…  Until I have to go to my dentist appointment…


This afternoon I got together with some of my favorite people to craft.  I am not a crafter but when it’s crafting with friends, I cannot resist.  Our project was to make Easter wreaths using tulle..  Lots and lots of tulle!

I work with this group of fantastic ladies and see them most days but we don’t always get to just talk about whatever we want to.  It was so nice and so relaxing.  My wreath is proof that I am not a crafter but I love that when I hang it up this year and all of the years after that, that it will remind me of the time I had making it and how lucky I am to have such a sweet group of friends.

Each time we get together it is something different that we are doing and I’ve always enjoyed their company.  I can’t wait until we can get together again- next time without tulle.  🙂

Nap time.

Nap time at my house lasts anywhere from one to three hours.  Those hours are the time I use to eat my lunch, clean up from a morning of chaos, do some homework, read, pay a bill…  The list goes on and on.

I rush to get through this list when their little eyes finally shut.  The list never gets completed before the first “momma” belts out.  And I know tomorrow I will start at the top of this list all over again.

Today instead of trying to rush through the daunting things that I needed to get done, I just ate my lunch and sat.  I didn’t pick up the toys.  I didn’t work on the laundry or read for my class.  I just sat and it felt amazing.  I won’t do that everyday and I probably won’t do that again for a while but I did it today and I’m happy I did.