I always love looking back at the previous years’ post to see how much has changed.  This year I look back at the past month and I am shocked at how much has changed.  March 1st I had know idea that on March 31st this is what would be happening in our world.  It is shocking.

I look forward to reading this all next year and I am hopeful that I will be reminded at how strong humankind is and that I will be grateful for how far we have come in a year.

This, by far, will be the most memorable slicing experience I’ve had.  I am so glad I was able to record the beginning of this time that will be marked in history.

Be well.  Wash your hands.  And please, for the love of everything, STAY HOME!


Today is my 38th birthday.  I actually had to check to make sure that number was accurate because when I say it, it doesn’t sound quite right!

I knew this birthday would be so different than past birthdays.  It was a day filled with a lot of firsts!

First time I’ve had coffee delivered to me by my coffee tribe without actually seeing them.

First time I’ve run a half marathon on my birthday.

First time I’ve had birthday “drive-bys” with great friends.

First time I haven’t opened cards immediately after getting them in the mail.

First time I’ve had a zoom birthday party with my family.

First time drinking wine from my new “Ew, David” mug,

First time I had a virtual cheers with some of my favorite friends to end the day.

First time watching Onward.

Although this birthday was very different, I truly felt so much love and really appreciated all of the efforts from the dearest people in my life.

38 is looking like it might be full of more “firsts” but I am going to walk into it with an open mind… and very clean hands.

Our Walk

This afternoon my oldest son, Myles- 12,  and I took the dog for a walk.  As we walked I asked him how he was feeling about all of this- being quarantined, Covid-19, etc.  He responded “boring.”  I hear you buddy!

He then went on to talk about how that if he got it, it would not  be good.  He is a nebulizer kid.  He has asthma that is induced by a cold.  At this point of our walk I lost it.  The thought of any of my kids getting this disease rocks me to the absolute core.  I stay up thinking and worrying about this every, single, night.  The idea that if my kids get this they go alone to a hospital.  They are with strangers- not with mom or dad in their time of need.

Myles stopped me on the walk and hugged me.  He said we will not get this mom.  We are going to be safe and we are going to be fine.

This kid has been my voice of reason since he could talk.  Thank goodness for him and our walk.

Please stay home.


Tonight I am tired but I am not sure why…  I probably did 1/4 of what I normally do on a Saturday.  In fact, today I stayed in bed until 9:30 watching Frozen 2 with my daughter.  I went running for a little over an hour.  I played with my kids…  I can’t say that I did much else.  Am I tired because I’m not sleeping well (checking on my basement at 2am to make sure it wasn’t flooding) or am I tired due to lack of doing things?  Maybe it is the dreary weather?  Not sure.  My close friends call me a “robot” because I never nap (I really just can’t).  I just know that I am tired and that I am going to go and hide away while my husband (best dad ever) battles with my kids.  I will slink out to say goodnight and then I am going to sleep with hopes that tomorrow I am not so tired.

Spring Break?

Today I was reminded by a non-teaching friend that today began my spring break…  I honestly didn’t even realize it was spring break.  Usually the build up is great.  I’m sure my coffee tribe would have had “Last Friday before SB coffee” and we would have sent the kids off with a big smile at the end of the day.  We would be catching flights, making plans for museum trips, and just getting away from the normal busy pace of life.

I didn’t even realize it was Friday let alone the beginning spring break.  There will be no catching planes, no museum trips, and the relaxing will seem mundane and boring at this point.

I read my post from last year on this day and I made the comment “we made it.”  I guess that comment still holds true but means something completely different.  I’m hoping that I can say “we made it” next year…


Woke up.

Made coffee.

Made breakfast.

Cleaned up.

Went for a walk.

Did “school”


Made lunch.

Cleaned up lunch.

Nap/ quiet time.

Worked out.


Made dinner.

Cleaned up dinner.



Was this today or yesterday or will it be tomorrow?  It is like Groundhog’s Day sometimes…  Tomorrow we will spice it up… somehow.


Something Happening Here.

Today my 12 year old ran about 2.5 miles with  me.  Towards the end of our run we started talking about Lincoln- his 5 year old brother.  These two fight more than I ever dreamed they would.  Lincoln is constantly challenging his older brother and wants to do and have EVERYTHING the same.  I have to constantly remind my 12 year old that Lincoln is 5 and sometimes you just need to walk away and stop arguing.

So at the end of our run when the topic of Lincoln came up he said “Gosh, I really love that kid!”  This, of course, made my momma heart so happy.  I said “me too.”

It has really occurred to me over the past few days that something is happening here.  All of this time together with nowhere to go and nothing else to do but be together, it really is doing something good for my family.  It such a dark time, I see the light in my own family.  I don’t want it to last for long but I will always keep this in mind moving forward in this life.

Staying Home.

How “ready” do you get when you are just staying home?  I had a Zoom meeting that made me question this.  Some people had hair tied back and no make up on while others had curled hair and lots of make up on.

I wake up every morning and get into my workout gear because I know I will workout at some point in the day.  After my workout I will shower and then usually put on normal clothes.  I pull my hair back and I put zero make up on.  Seems to make sense in my mind.  Not going anywhere= no need to get totally ready.

I was under the impression that everyone felt this way but I guess I was wrong.  I may need to rethink getting ready for my next Zoom meeting… or not.


I’ve never even heard of Zoom until last week.  I guess I really never had a need for it.  Just today we used Zoom four times in my house.

1- My son had a Zoom meeting for his Science class.

2- I had a Zoom staff meeting.

3- My son had a Zoom meeting for his soccer practice.

4- I had a Zoom yoga class.

I am blown away at how amazing this piece of technology is for the times.  Nothing is the same but it is all better than nothing.

I am planning on having a Zoom birthday party next week.  Wanna come?

Sunday RUNday

Sundays for the past year have meant long run days.  I joined a running club about a year ago- which was totally out of my comfort zone.  My first run with the club I ran with some people that were getting close to completing running a marathon in each of the 50 states…  To say I was intimidated was an understatement.

As I continued to show up I found my pace group.  Sometimes I just show up because I know that they will be there.  We talk… sometimes for hours on our runs.  We support each other and we genuinely enjoy each other’s company.

Yesterday I got a text asking about running together.  Some were still getting together.  My household is taking this social distancing very seriously.  I had to say that I was out this Sunday but I hope to see them all very soon.

When I woke up this morning it was so hard to tie up my laces and get out into the brisk morning air knowing that I wasn’t meeting up with anyone.  I decided to run a different route in hopes that new scenery would keep me entertained.  It didn’t.  And then my watch died (which while on a run really stinks!)…

No one to share stories with or listen to.  No one to ask “this way or that?”  No one.  I really missed my running club today and I will never take for granted each mile I get to share with them in the future.  I will continue my Sunday RUNdays, even if its alone, so that I can keep up when we can all run together again.