The End. Day 31

Seems fitting that the final day of slicing happens on the last day of my vacation.

My oldest is playing beach volleyball. My middle is in a football throwing competition, and my youngest is pretending to be a dolphin with my husband. I’m laying out soaking in the last rays of sun before I head back to dreary Chicago.

I know that I will love looking back at these memories next year! I can’t wait to blog about my spring break next year… The planning is already in the works!

Until then… ❤️

Forty. Day 30

I wasn’t sure how I would feel today. I’ve heard of people crying, feeling depressed, or just not accepting.

I think I planned turning 40 perfectly. My birthday has always fallen on spring break- luckily. It takes the sting out of turning another year older when you are in Mexico.

The biggest feeling I have today is grateful. So grateful for three amazing children. So grateful for a husband that balances me. So grateful for my amazing mom who without, I just don’t exist. So grateful for amazing friendships.

If I can have another 40 years like this, I will consider myself VERY lucky!

None of my business. Day 29

Today is my last day in my 30’s. Tomorrow I start a whole new decade. I am not feeling upset about it- could have to do with being in a different country with sunshine and margaritas showing up whenever my glass is nearing empty. If I have to “get older” this is the way to do it.

One big idea I learned at the end of my 30’s is that what other people think about me is truly none of my business. I will not spend another second of my time worrying about what other’s judgements are. I have in the past. I’ve lived my life more on the unconventional side and for a long time it really hindered me. But to he honest, it has really worked out well for me. And whoever doesn’t like that, well it is none of my business.

I’m ready for you 40!

Tough Decisions. Day 28

Beach or pool? That was the biggest decision we needed to made today. It made me really think about how lucky my family is and what I truly want to spend my money on.

Watching my kids splash in the pool, jump waves in the ocean, and order their own food and drinks with such pride makes be feel an overwhelming sense of happiness. I am so happy that I can give these experiences to my children. The uninterrupted time we are spending together is priceless. I have no excuse not to play with my kids- no laundry, no cleaning, no errands to run.

We chose to do both the pool AND the beach today and it was the perfect decision.

Patience. Day 27

Waking up at 4:30 am.

Waiting in line to check baggage.

Waiting to get through TSA.

Waiting to get on a plane.

Waiting to get off a plane.

Waiting to get through customs.

Waiting for luggage.

Waiting for a transfer.

Waiting for our rooms to be ready.

Waiting to unpack to get into the pool.

For being 5 and 7 years old my kids were so patient traveling today. Especially when they have no idea what is waiting for them at the finish line. I hope this week makes it all worth it for them!

I found her! Day 26

A lot of you can probably understand having a certain hair stylist or barber that you love, a certain dentist or doctor that you prefer to see, etc. But what happens when they leave?

I have been going to the same nail salon for several year and it wasn’t until about a year ago that I met a nail tech that I just loved. We always had great conversation and she always did a great job.

In January I called to make an appointment with her and I heard the dreaded “she doesn’t work here anymore.” I thought it must be a mistake. I felt like I had just lost a good friend. I wanted to ask where she went or how to find her but I know that business is business and they won’t tell me even if I ask.

I have since then floated around to a few different places. It was never the same. Ironically, I reached out to my hair stylist that I have been seeing for 13 years (!) and I asked her where I should go. She suggested a place so I made appointments for my daughter and I.

I walked in and was sent to the back for my pedicure. As I looked up at the person standing infront of my chair- IT WAS HER! I yelled out “I FOUND YOU!” Seriously, the stars aligned for me today. This is not a small place there are probably 15-20 other techs working.

I am so happy that I found her-this time I got her number so that I never lose her again!

Feeling Robbed. Day 25

As my family and I plan for our flight on Sunday, I am checking all of our documents. I decided to prepurchase our checked baggage. I think it is crazy that airlines charge for baggage but I have somehow accepted that this is what it is. We are only checking 3 bags for the 5 of us. $234.00. Ugh.

What I can’t accept is charging to choose your seat so that you can sit next to the people you are traveling with. I feel like I am being robbed here! In order for my family of 5 to be guaranteed to sit together it would be $40 per person. Don’t forget we also have to come back so that is times 2. That is $400 before taxes and fees.

When I saw this I felt my face turned red with anger. My teenager is fine to not sit with us, he’d acutally prefer it, but not my 5 year old and 7 year old. They have both flown before but cannot remember it. It is a 4 hour flight!

Feeling mad I called the travel agency and really questioned if I needed to do this. She said not to and that since they are small children they will make sure that at least one parent is with one child. They couldn’t guarantee the teenager- but again he’d be fine with that.

I still feel like it is robbery. What will they charge for next? Extra fees for using the bathroom? Ridiculous.

Packing. Day 24

My family has a spring break trip that we are leaving for on Sunday. I have a table set up in my living room with neat piles of clothes, shoes, sunglasses, and hats. The suitcases are ready and waiting under the table. I am so excited for this trip but I am avoiding actually packing the bags. If I do it too early, I’m sure to overpack. If I wait too much longer I will run out of time to get the items I will realize that I forgot.
I’m on team unpacking. I just dump my suitcase into the laundry room (my husband does the laundry) and put my suitcase away. It’s easy and thoughtless. Packing is stressful. There should be a service for this.

Hump Day. Day 23

Leave for work.

Get a call that son’s eye is swollen shut.

Call the doctor.

Get a sub.

Write the plans.

Get back home.

Go to the doctor.

Go to the pharmacy.

Go back to the doctor.

Pick up remaining children from school.

Those are the highlights on my hump day. The next hump day we have will be my birthday. The bar is set low…

Time to break up. Day 22

Dear Cadbury Mini Eggs,

Each year you come into my life around March. I see you in your shiny purple bag staring at me amongst all of the other less enticing Easter candy. Sometimes you are even on your own special end cap. Somehow you always make your way into my cart and through the checkout. You can’t even wait in the bag until I get home. There you are right next to me in the car. Of course I open you. Your crispy candy shell and smooth milk chocolate- you surpass the basic m & m any day. I can’t just eat one, not even just two. I have to continue to eat your delicious treats until I feel sick to my stomach. And when I get home, I don’t bring you inside. I can’t let my kids or husband discover you. I hide you in my car to do it all again tomorrow.

Enough is enough. You can be someone else’s dirty little secret but not mine. I am too old for this. It is time to break up. Starting next year…

It’s not you, it’s me.